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GPS Vehicle Tracking & Monitoring Services

Posted By Admin   on January 30, 2016    Comments (10)

We provide vehicle tracking and fleet management service delivery for motor vehicles and Motobykes by using GPS Technology.

Geofence Alerts (Boundary Alerts)

Posted By Admin   on February 03, 2016    Comments (10)

Geofence is a feature that enables creation of a digital boundary for a tracked vehicle for automatic alert via email and SMS whenever the vehicle moves IN and OUT of the designated area.

Detailed Tracking

Posted By Admin   on February 10, 2016    Comments (10)

Detailed tracking shows a list of vehicles owned by one user, corporates or company with each vehicle status, location and a link to Google map to view online.

Remotely Stop and Start Vehicle Engine

Posted By Admin   on February 20, 2016    Comments (10)

This enables the vehicle owner to remotely STOP and START a vehicle engine using short message service (SMS). A special command which is password protected is typed and sent to GSM Device line to initiate STOP and START on the engine

All Vehicle Live Tracking

Posted By Admin   on march 02, 2016    Comments (10)

We have an online fleet tracking system which uses Google Maps for accurate, reliable, and efficient acquisition of tracked vehicle location.
This feature enables clients to track and view status of any number of vehicles on one screen from anywhere using an internet ready desktop PC or a smart phone

Web Designs and Developemnt

Posted By Admin   on march 09, 2016    Comments (10)

A company website is the source of up-to-date information for customers and partners, a platform for selling products and services, a perfect place for advertising and promotion. As a web development company, we have enough capacities and experience to create, launch, and support a website of any complexity and scalability.
Our web developers stay updated with the newest web development technologies, constantly advancing in knowledge and technique.