We are an Information Technology Firm with Years of Experience and a Team of Expert.


Achieving Outermost Customer Satisfaction.


Keeping our Clients Technology Oriented.


Offering Reliable and Affordable Services to our Clients.

Tracking Features

Remote Engine Stop & Start
Geo-fence Alarm Notifications
Live and Detail Tracking
Track Replay
History,Distance and Speed Reports
OverSpeed Alert alarm
Voice Serveillance
Free Online Platform


Our Prices are subcidiced to make them affordable to all kind of Clients we Meet


We have a leading presence in the Information Technology (IT) industry, offering a full range of IT solutions and support through three distict I.T service categories with special expertise. .

Service Categories

Track Personal Cars

Track your Personal Vehicle Anywhere Anytime at Only Ksh. 16,000 with no Montly Subscriptions.

Web Designs and Developemnt

we have enough capacities and experience to create, launch and support a website of any complexity and scalability

Track Taxi/PSVs/Car Hire

Track Car Hire is Suitable for PSVs, Taxi and Car/Lorry Hire Businesses at Only Ksh. 17,000

Enterprise Systems Implementations

We implement any enterprise level application software for diverse industries: healthcare, manufacturing, retail, entertainment and E-commerce.

Track Motorcycles

Track Motorbikes is Suitable for tracking personal Motorcycles or the BodaBodas at Only Ksh. 6,500.

I.T Management Consultancy

Visits us today and get the best I.T management criteria’s for your organization ranging from IT Security, Software issues, database, Staff argumentation, Disaster planning and many more


Track Personal

Ksh. 13,700

Track Motorcycles

Ksh. 5,500

Web Designs

Ksh. 15,000